Social Care Services

There is more to life than personal hygiene, good housekeeping and regular meals.

Every human being needs a little entertainment and some company, particularly if you are living alone, or are not mobile enough to leave the house very often.

Inclusion - being accepted as part of a larger world and not feeling isolated is a key component of human happiness. This is why a good relationship with friendly and involved carer is so important.

We're happy to share client interests and past times - from scrapbooking to gardening and accompany our clients on weekly shopping trips, visits to the hairdresser and other outing that encourages them to interact with the wider world.

At Always Care, we value the importance of companionship. For clients that need it, we offer live in and daily companion care.

These activities are all part of our social care services and compliment Always Care community care nursing,  personal care and domestic care services.