Transport and Access to Community

Always Care Services offers a fully customisable program that allows our client to choose activities of their choice, depending on their unique circumstances. Every activity is organised with individual specific needs in mind, this allows opportunities to socially connect and engage in the community. Our services can include one-to-one basis, or part of a group and putting all emphasis on enjoyment and fun for the client. Our Community Access services are designed to help clients embrace their community and be actively involved culturally.

Community activities include:

  • Cultural/social events
  • Dance classes/clubbing
  • Sporting clubs and events
  • Development of personal interests e.g. (dance, sing/drama, painting, gardening, ceramics, wood carving, sports, hobbies, volunteer work)

We understand that inclusion, being accepted as part of a larger world and not feeling isolated is a key component of human happiness. This is why a good relationship with friendly and involved Care Champion is extremely important.

We're happy to share client interests and past times - from having a coffee to going to the AFL, accompanying our clients on weekly shopping trips or providing travel support for that cruising holiday. We'll go on visits to the hairdresser or barber, to the gym, swimming, music lessons and other outings that encourage interaction with the wider world.

At Always Care, we value the importance of companionship. For clients that need it, we offer live in and daily care, that means we'll be there for you when you need it most.