Supported Independent Living & In-Home Accommodation Support

Being able to live independently is essential part of life, for those who experience challenges in living independently we offer services that can assist to lead a happy and content life. Clients are matched with suitable house-mates and supported to live together.

Independent Living (SIL) is highly regarded by our Care Champion's and our aim is to support you in meeting and achieving your aspired goal.

Supports we offer are

  • Meal planning/preparation and cooking (healthy eating)
  • Taking medication safely
  • Budgeting, banking and money management
  • Washing and Cleaning
  • Assist with Public transport/transport (school or work)
  • Arts and crafts (assist in joining groups and clubs)
  • Attending of event/recreation sports (bowling, basketball and other sports of interest)
  • Community participation and
  • Planning holidays
  • Connect with other services offered in
    the community

Short Term Accommodation (Respite Care)

Flexible Respite service is designed to enable carers to enjoy the freedom to accomplish other things in their day to day living. ACS offers a Flexible Respite service where carers can take a break and some time off for themselves. Services offered seven days a week depending on the client’s needs.

Own Home Respite Care

Our Own Home Respite Care service enables Carers to take a break from day to day involvement of their loved one’s care. Clients with high complex needs are able to remain at home without any interruptions of care.